Shilajit XP Capsules:

Discover the most powerful anti- aging and rejuvenating elixir ever known to mankind. Feel the amazing power of growing young. One of the best kept secrets of Indian ayurvedic practitioners

Physical and mental stress, depression, lack of exercise, prolonged use of various medications, chronic diseases, heavy smoking, chronic alcoholism , tobacco consumption etc. can lead to decreased sexual desire and reduction in vitality.

SHILAJIT XP is an embodiment of the knowledge of Ayurveda for enhancing sexual health. It is a unique combination of Shilajit, Musli, Kaunch and other important herbs. It is a powerful sex stimulant, which improves sexual health and acts as a rejuvenator in increasing stamina, vigour and vitality.

All these above health benefits of SHILAJIT XP facilitate rejuvenation of body and mind. A rejuvenated mind and body would obviously perform better than diseased and stressed ones. Thus, SHILAJIT XP helps in maintaining ones libido by helping the body remain young and juvenile.

According to ayurveda, the worlds most ancient and powerful medical system shilajit has been indicated as the physical power increaser, anti-aging agent, blood sugar modulator i.e. effective in diabetes, libido increaser, early healing of wounds, brain tonic, fractures, immuno-modulator i.e. increases the inner strength to fight against diseases, weight loss, blood pressure, compensate minerals deficiency, removes general body debility, joint pains and arthritis

Shilajit the herbal remedy that improve the general heath and makes proper environment for other supplements to work the best. It also increase stamina and power to perform when ever desired.

Ahwagandha gloried by the title of Indian ginseng. It helps in stimulating body for the sexual act. It also relieves mind from any stress and helps to concentrate on the act of performance. It also helps heart to work in the normal way and does not let it have ant harmful effect during the phase of excitement.

Musli a powerful sexual stimulant that is responsible for making you arouse and you can feel the testosterone flowing in your genitals.

Kaunch beej - it is an aphrodisiac agent. It is great sexual stimulant that helps in making your body attain that stamina and vigor for the completion of the sexual act. It gives the energy and stamina and power that helps in attaining the desired results.

Kesar or saffron it is a great nervine tonic and also helps in relieving the tiredness after the completion of the sexual act.



Shudh Shilajit (Asphaltum ), Shatavar (Asparagus Racemosus), Musli (Curculigo Orchioides), Kaunch Beej (Mucuna Pruriens), Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), Semal Musli (Bombax Malabaricum), Vidari Kand (Puraria Tuberosa Dc).



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