Kesh 10 Oil :
KESH-10 oil is an authentic herbal hair vitalizer. Kesh-10 oil is designed by treating time tested & trusted hair nutritional herbs with hair-conditioning oils, it will bless the healthier hair. Kesh-10 oil acts as a remedy to hair disorders like dandruff, premature graying & falling hair, splitting of hair, itchy scalp.

Provides ideal cure for: :

  • Rough and Dry Hair.

  • Dull lifeless Hair.

  • Thin Hair.

  • Split - Ends.

  • Premature Falling

  • Dandruff


    How does Kesh-10 oil works? :

  • Keeps hair quality better than ever.

  • Keeps hair soft, supple and nourished gives ample moisturization and nourishment to hair.

  • Hair becomes smooth, healthy and shiny.

  • Regular use recommended for India's harsh effect of sun, dust and pollution.

  • Ingredients in each 10 ml:

    Nigella Satva(Kalonji)

    Nardostachys Jatamansi(Jatamansi)

    Cassytha Filiformis(Amarbel)

    Rubia Cordifolia(Manjishth)

    Eclipta Prostrate(Bhringraj)

    Capparis Aphylia(Karil)

    Sesamum Indicum(til Tail)q.s.


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