Fair Looks Capsules:

Fair Looks Capsule is combination of herbs specially formulated for Pimples, acne, black patches, fairlessness of skin, skin wrinkles, Purifies blood, skin rashes. It gives nourishment to skin. It removes the dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles from the face due to the ageing. The regular use of Fair Looks Capsule gives cooling and refreshing effect making your skin supple and looks youthful. It can be taken continuously for a long period without any adverse side effect. It can be taken by any age group of men and women.


  • Fair Looks Capsule tones & revitalizes the skin to make it soft and healthy.

  • Fair Looks Capsule is a formulation to take care of the skin through the herbs based on Ayurvedic principles.

  • Ingredients:

    Sanay, Swarnraj Bangeshwar, Harar, Kachnar, Revandchini, Ras Manikya, Gulab, Giloy, Nisont, Pitpapra, Sandal Surkh, Narkachur, Chirayta, Mundi, Anantmool, Neem, Tulsi, Manjisth, Nagkesar, Daru Haldi, Priyangu, Khair Chhal, Brahmdandi, Mushkdana.



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