About us:

The technology and scientific advancements have made life more easy and comfortable, but they have also added more stress. Man seems to be losing out on quality of life due to the ravages of disease and an ever demanding work routine. Science may have found new and better answers for these ailments but what is required in increases resistance to fight disease so as to evolve a healthier community and produce stronger generations.

It DHARMANI HEALTH & FITNESS COMPANY a GMP certified Organization in the production of Ayurvedic health care medicines, we understand how precious good health is, not only of an individual but of the entire family. It is our conscious effort to manufacture quality Ayurvedic medicines of the world class standard for various ailments at affordable price.


It is the effort that makes our Ayuvedic / Herbal remedies for various ailments both reliable and effective.

Our research and development department is major component of our company. Our facility focuses on complete drug development comprising of process development as well as non-clinical & clinical research. Our team of researchers is engaged in making in depth research and development. The objective of R&D unit is to maintain quality and consistency in our range. The use of our cutting edge technology enables us to retain the quality level of our medicine range.


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